Chemical formula: NaOH 98%

Made in: China.

Appearance: Transparent white flakes.


– PP packaging bag with PE liner inside.

– Packing: 25 kg/bag.


Caustic Soda Flakes: widely used in manufacturing gloves, medical gloves, rubber, plating, inox, stainless steel, water and wastewater treatment and galvanized steel sheet, hot-dip galvanization, brewing, beverage, food, instant noodle, seafood processing, edible sugar, petroleum exploration and production, mining, textile in bleaching, glazing, dyeing and flower printing stages. It is also used in other industries: manufacturing laundry detergent, soap, shampoo, chemicals, cosmetics, paper, processing oil and fat and charging alkaline battery.

Expiry date: 2 years from manufacture date.


– Keep in cool and dry place.

– Keep away from acid and products containing cellulose, etc.

– In case of direct contact with caustic soda, wear personal protective equipment, avoid eye and skin splash.