Hydrochloric Acid

Our annual capacity of hydrochloric acid(HCL) is 500,000 mts,100% for export.It is the by product from our other chemical program.My company is one of the few companies who have got the export certificate of hydrochloric acid in China.


1.Chemistry and Petrochemistry          a.Production of different chlorides.

                                                         b.Preparation of cationic emulsions.

                                                         c.In the plastic industry.

2.Water treatment                               a.PH correction in residual waters.

                                                         b.Activated silica production.

                                                         c.Regeneration of ionic intercharge resins.

3.Mining and Oil                                 a.Deposits and lime and rock incrustation removal.

4.Nutrition                                          b.Monosidium glutamate preparation.

                                                          c.Starch hydroysis.

                                                          d.Sugar cane refinement.

5.Metal surfaces conditioning               a.Iron pickling.

                                                          b.Coatings and electrolytic gravures.

 6.Others                                            a.Textiles.


                                                          c.Chlorine Dioxide production.

250kgs/drum               80 drums/20'fcl      17.6mts/20'fcl
1.15mts/IBC drum       20 drums/20'fcl       23mts/20'fcl


Product name

Hydrochloric Acid

Batch Number20200105
Manu.date2020.01.05Standard  GB 320-93
AppearanceColourless or yellow color
     transparent liquid
Acidity( HCl)/%≥ 32.133.2
Purity /%  D-84.9≥1.1871.188
Sulfate  /%≤0.010.01
Ignition residue  /%≤0.10.07
Xide(Cl ) /%≤0.0080.0008
Test Conclusion:Qualified