Ethyl acetate is used primarily as a solvent and diluent, being favored because of its low cost, low toxicity, and agreeable odor. For example, it is commonly used to clean circuit boards and in some nail varnish removers (acetone and acetonitrile are also used). Coffee beans and tea leaves are decaffeinated with this solvent. It is also used in paints as an activator or hardener. Ethyl acetate is present in confectionery, perfumes, and fruits. In perfumes, it evaporates quickly, leaving only the scent of the perfume on the skin.

     Product name:

     Ethyl acetate

     Batch Number
 Chrominance (Pt-Co) ≤1010
Density at 20 DegC(Kg/Ltr)0.897-0.9020.9
Ethyl  Acetate Wt%≥99.999.9
Water Content Wt%≤0.100.01
Acidity as Acetic Acid Wt%≤0.0050.003
Non-Volatile Matter Wt%0.0050.001
Ethanol Wt%≤0.500.20
Test Conclusion