NamePotassium Nitrate
CAS NO.7757-79-1
Chemical formulaKNO3
AppearanceWhite powder/crystal/granular
Molecular weight101.1032
PerformanceIt is a kind of high quality nitrogen and potassium compound fertilizer suitable for various crops. 100% plant nutrient components are dissolved in water, which is convenient for crops to be absorbed quickly utilize.


High ClassFirst Grade
Total nutrient(N+K2O)content, % ≥6058
Total nitrogen(N),%≥13.513.5
Potassium oxide(K2O),%≥46.544.5
Water content,%≥0.20.5
Water insoluble,%≥0.010.03


1) Widely used in a variety of fruits and vegetables, economic crops, food crops can be used as base fertilizer, fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, soilless cultivation, can be used for dressing, drip irrigation and Spraying, etc.
2) Used as analytical reagent and oxidant.
3) Used as food additives
4) Used as the raw material for making black gunpowder and fireworks.
5) Used in ceramic industry
6) Used in strengthening glass manufacturing process.

4.Packing and Transport

Packing in Woven bags lined with plastic bags, net weight of 5kg/25kg/50kg/500kg/1000kg.