Product Name:Zinc Chloride

CAS No.:7646-85-7


EINECS No.:231-592-0

Place of Origin:China (Mainland)

Grade Standard: Electron Grade, Industrial Grade, Medicine Grade


Appearance:White powder or white pellet


Battery electrolyte
Organic synthesis industry, dehydrating agent, condensing agent
Cation exchange resin catalyst
Production of polypropylene solvent West
Mordant dyeing industry, mercerizing agent and sizing agent
Production of reactive dyes and cationic dyes


Should be stored in ventilated, dry coffers, to avoid the open storage. Containers must be sealed to prevent moisture. Not with the consumption of goods and feed during storage or shipment. Transportation should be covered to prevent rain and sun. When handling gently, to prevent the packaging rupture.

25kg/ 50kg/1000KG P.P.vacuum bag , 50kg pasteborad bucker/galvanises drum from inside ect