2021-07-12 10:03:07


Acids are fundamental reagents used by a wide variety of industries to remove impurities, and produce fertilizers, detergents, batteries, paints and dyes..

Langyi Chem offers a broad range of high-quality acids that can enhance and improve your products.
We supply and distribute acetic acids,  hydrochloric acids, nitric acids, sulfuric acids, phosphoric acids, citric acids, hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acid to help produce products that clean and disinfect, process leather, improve paints, create fertilize and enhance flavors.
As a global acids supplier and distributor, Langyi has the technical expertise and industry experience to ensure you get the exact acid you need, when you need it.
Our team has forged, robust, long-standing relationships with the finest acid manufacturers in China That means you get acids that meet your exacting requirements for purity and performance.
Our technical experts can help you formulate new, innovative products, enhance existing products, meet new regulatory requirements, resolve formulation or supply challenges, and control your production costs.
Our sales professionals provide superior customer service by answering questions, resolving issues and ensuring timely delivery. We have an extensive inventory of acids on hand and can deliver whatever acids you need from one of our distribution centers across the nation. We can package your acids to best meet your storage needs, which saves you time and money.
You can count on us to be your perfect acids supplier and distributor – we will have the exact acid you want, when you want, and where you want.